Recovery of the company after the economic recession

in June, 2023 ‘Kauno baltija’, JSC started the implementation of the project which purpose is to promote faster recovery of the company after the economic recession. During the implementation of the project, a targeted service will be purchased, which will help the company to recover faster from the economic recession and strengthen sustainable growth and competitiveness.

‘Kauno baltija’, JSC will implement the project with optimal usage of the time and resources to maximalize the achievement of the goals and results set in the project contract.

The project is co-financed by the European Union.

The name of the project: Recovery of ‘Kauno baltija’, JSC after the economic recession.

Project manager: ‘Kauno baltija’, JSC.

Start of the project: 19th June 2023.

End of the project: 21st March 2024.

Project budget: 20,000 EUR, of which the part funded by the European Union is 10,000 EUR.