WHO we ARE

Kauno Baltija AB is one of the biggest and oldest garment manufacturer of ladies outwear in Lithuania. The enterprise was established in 1940, and since 1993 it has been transformed into a Joint-Stock Company. We are proud to say that despite changes in sewing industry, our company not only survived but became a leader in the market.

The head office and main production area is located in Kaunas. Four more subsidiaries for production are located in other towns in Lithuania (Alytus, Leipalingis, Vilkaviškis, Lazdijai). All main management is performed centraly.



  • The exporter of the year 2004
  • Laureate of Succesful Enterprise 2006
  • Diploma for Export Expansion 2006
  • diploma as one of the Most Successful and Quickly Developing Companies in Lithuania 2007
  • Laureate of Successful Enterprise 2008







  • 200 workers
  • 4 subsidiares
  • 3-5 weeks production cycle
  • capacity 500 000 pcs/per year
  • QC codex




  • currency Euro
  • GDP 42%
  • minimum wage in state 400 Euro
  • EU member (made in EU)

OUR VISION: to become recognized worldwide.

OUR MISSION: to beautify the women of the world with our garments.

Our core values

Five core values that enable to achieve our goals and embody Kauno Baltija AB are stated below. These values are the basis of JSC
Kauno Baltija”:


We are committed to the principles of social justice and opposing prejudice, dishonesty and injustice. No harassment, cultural stereotypes or any other social imparity is tolerated in our practice. We concern about others and respect differences. 


We are continually striving for the highest achievements in business by being open for innovations, going hand in hand with the technological progress and constantly improving the competence of our team


We are honest and trustworthy with our clients, partners or competitors. We always keep our word.


Kauno Baltija AB is accountable for its actions towards itself, clients and the environment. We are always considering possible impact of our actions on the society and surroundings.


We are working together to achieve mutual goals, providing support to others, and engaging in peaceful resolution of conflict.