Trend research and analysis

The success of any product or brand line cannot be separated from being able to forecast what’s going to be TOP next season. Therefore our design service team can help you not only get inspiration, but also to enable you to make right decisions, based on trend research and data (what colours, material, texture, print, graphics, silhouettes and details will be on top next season).


Design Tech Packs

Tech Packs are essential for each garment, it contains all the information that is required in order to transform design into product (such as material, trims, details, seams, labeling, packing and etc.). Therefore it is very important to prepare this document carefully as it might reduce production errors, misunderstandings during different stages of process and will of course save your money.

Fashion story board and sketch design

One of the most essential issues to be able to create unique product is first of all to be able to show it prior to production. That is why fashion storyboards are created. Our design service team can help you to make visual images and tell your story by creating storyboards that include sketches and flats, raw material swatches and other details that had an impact on design (for example photos from fashion magazines or websites).