JSC Kauno Baltija – a company with deep and old traditions. We started to operate since 1940 and during more than seventy years of operation, company perfectly learned that the essential secrets of the success are:

  •  constant reach for the perfection;
  • search of the innovative practice means and methods;
  • always maintaining socially fair and responsible.

This was always the main principle of a small sewing company in the beginning, which has transformed into a large-scale sewing incorporation, then into a private company providing services for sewing, and which is now also creating its own collections that are selling out in the international market under the brand they own, named “Loulu et tu”. However let’s start from the beginning.

1940 - 1990

All the company products were realized inside the USSR up to the year 1990 – no one could even dream of any other practice options, considering the situation at those times. However when the economical and political situation in the country started to change, the company took their risks and thanks to some timely reactions in 1988 it was one of the first companies in the Union, which started its cooperation with foreign companies.


and going forward all the company’s activities were confined to Western European countries only. These were the times full of changes and challenges but, now we can say, company did excellent to meet and overcome them!


The company transformed its legal status and became a private company in 1993 and today more than 70% of the companies stocks are within one family. Planned economy regulations that were successfully applied before could no longer be applied due to the different nature of the free market economy. So the company had to change their work profile as well and learn how to work on a CMT and CM bases as by then they were only producing a fully made garments.

In order ensure smooth work we had to re-qualify our specialists, implement western standards and to closely analyze customers’ requirements. The work was enormous but the company defied the challenges and, having the great base of modern equipment, high level professionals and strong leadership support, went in step with the market economy..

When the international co-operation with Sweden and Finland was started, Kauno Baltija struggled to go deeper into the Western Europe and started co-operations with German and British companies. The agreed delivery terms were always achieved, the quality standard of the garments was very high so it did not took a long time for a company to become recognized as a reliable business partner in lots of Western European countries. The company is currently maintaining active business relationships with customers from England, France, Scandinavian countries and producing garments for a lot of well known brands.

We are producing a fully made product following the requirements of the customer and working on a CMT base as well. Every day we can see actresses, and famous from media or high society women wearing the garments that were made by Kauno Baltija what of course makes us proud of what we do.



No matter what we remain try to our principles and despite the success we constantly strive for perfection. Being financially stable, mastering the technological and qualitative Western European requirements, continually renewing equipment and having the highly qualified competent, Kauno Baltija is making another step forward – in cooperation with British advisers company, the company starts to create its own collections and present them in exhibitions worldwide. The result is a newly developed by Kauno Baltija trademark – “LOULU ET TU”.